Jordan Agolli

Director & Producer

Meet Jordan

Jordan Agolli is a Director, Producer & founder of Force Media; a marketing agency that specializes in video production and digital marketing strategy.

Jordan splits his works days between being a Director/Producer on Force's film projects, and testing digital marketing strategies on the videos they create.

Jordan has always had a passion for business and co-founded his first business, JD Pressure Washing, at 14 years old. After pressure washing and landscaping throughout high school, Jordan started Teenage Entrepreneur, a podcast and community focused on educating and inspiring teens to pursue entrepreneurship. Through podcasting, Jordan fell in love with media and storytelling which led him to start Force Media in January 2016.

“I am living my best life. We get to create new ideas out of thin air, and then send them out into the world to see if they work. It’s a tough industry, but extremely rewarding when we help our clients grow their business. —Jordan

Aside from running Force Media, Jordan is a 2nd-degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of Taido and loves anything to do with travel/adventure. His longterm goal is to help create a live action DragonBall Z T.V. series (Give him until 2040…lots to learn).